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New Cartoon.

2015-05-07 18:07:18 by TheMountainKing

An animation I made for school.


Oh Youtube!

2012-07-21 14:18:54 by TheMountainKing

I just spent hours trying to figure out how to put my cartoons on Youtube!
I still don't know how to do it. Tee Hee!
Here's a picture of Rick from The Walking Dead comics I drew.

Oh Youtube!

And so it continues...

2012-06-11 17:07:58 by TheMountainKing

I've made my second cartoon here on Newgrounds and I hope you can all check it out. I would really appreciate you rating the cartoon and posting a review. It can Be seen Here

White Chocolate.....

2012-06-02 18:17:41 by TheMountainKing

...It's alright.

Wacom Intuos 4!

2012-02-14 16:10:23 by TheMountainKing

Well in an attempt to make my cartoons look better I made the switch from a Wacom Bamboo to a Wacom Intuos 4 Large.
This thing is bigger than I thought it would be (very roomy, nice and cozy). Anyhow, I think I should do a short cartoon to break into my new tablet. I should have it done in a week.
Animation I did: Right Here!

Its my Birthday today.

2012-02-12 19:46:40 by TheMountainKing

So yeah, happy birthday everyone. Don't forget to watch the Walking Dead Tonight!

This starts my new era on Newgrounds. I will have more cartoons to come, so... I guess just turn off your computers now.

Well this is pointless. So Faaaar :D